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Dissapointed some of the coupons are not properly deducted during check out even though it's the exact item, quantity,brand and size.

Haven't been able to load or sign in for a few months. When will you be fixing this app? I won't shop at Target without using Cartwheel.

The last two times I have gone to target, i scan my cartwheel but my offers do not come off. I tried contacting customer service but did not get the help I needed or any refund like a good customer service would do. I used to love using cartwheel and shopping at target but now it only stresses me out. There goes my loyal business.

Cartwheel keeps logging me out. It was never a problem until this newest update. For me to be able to log in I have to make sure all other apps are closed or it just shows the blue background with the red cart. This new update is not helpful.

Target check out people keep telling me about the Cartwheel Perks upgrade. phone updated Cartwheel 4 days ago to 2.4 something....and I am in San Diego...and still can't get the 2.5 Cartwheel Perks update. It's not even offered. Guess...I will wait to shop there until I can get it. I have been spending a lot of money there.

What the heck happened to my perks?! The employee said I needed to update my app but I have the newest version! I just spent over $200 and I don't get any points for that now? This needs fixing

What the heck happened to my perks?! The employee said I needed to update my app but I have the newest version! I just spent over $200 and I don't get any points for that now? This needs fixing

I cannot open the app nor will it let me delete it

I am unable to sign in to cartwheel with Facebook. It sends me to the Facebook app, then tells me I've already authorized Facebook. It sends me back to cartwheel to the sign in screen. I can't get past the sign in screen

Horrible update

New update is awful! The older version was much nicer and easier to use.

Recent update

Page layout is much better and way easier to obtain what took youll so guys so long anyway better late than never. Private why is that? I just saw that when I was getting details about item.


The new update is awful. The look is awful, the navigation is awful and the functionality is awful. If it aint broke, dont fix it, Target. Please put the app back the way it was!

Not a fan of update

Ill start by saying I have used Cartwheel long & often enough I have racked up over $400 in savings. But this recent update makes things much harder to see on my phone (iPhone 6). I may be older than the average Cartwheel user, but the fine font, the grayscale font descriptions below, and the smaller graphics are not the direction to go. I understand graphic designers like the "cleaner" look, but they are also working on large monitors as they redesigned this format! Please go back to bolder, bigger fonts and graphics!

Aint broke, dont fix

Hate the new updates! Just like in the stores, lets make things look shiny and new but not really better...maybe even more confusing. I dont need bigger and brighter I need smoother and easier... This one is a fail Target!

New update

I hate the new update. Print is small and difficult to look up when you are trying to find something. The new update is terrible and not as user friendly as the previous version. Extremely disappointed. This new version complicates shopping!!!!!

Please switch back to the old version!

LOVE the cartwheel app but I am disappointed in the new update. It is hard to navigate and does not look as nice and clean/neat as the old version. Please switch back!!

Horrible update!!

Can no longer search by amount of discount, cant see which cartwheel offers I just saved on, cant easily see how many open offer spots I have. Stop trying to make the app aesthetically pleasing and just make it user friendly! I use this app regularly and this is the WORST update!

App not working for past 3-4 days!

The application was great until the most recent update. It is impossible to navigate the app now.

Hate update

Love cartwheel, but the update is awful. Its not user friendly at all and even the look is bad. I wish I could go back to the previous version/layout

New update is not easy to navigate

I absolutely hate the update, things are harder to navigate. It looks nice but i prefer the old version where i can see everything and click on what I need, with the new update i am having to go through extra clicks before getting ti where I want to be. Its annoying, a pain, and time consuming. I prefer ease of use over look and themes.

3D Touch not working.

I use the 3D Touch shortcut to Scan items and its not working in the latest update. Not a big fan of the update. Loved the old version. It just worked!

Harder to use

Its harder to use the app especially when you are trying to press the scanner button to search for products and scan but instead you are pressing the search button to type what you are looking for. They should have separated these to make it easier to use.

The new update is awful!

The newest update isnt responding. I wasnt able to use it today which really upset me. The search camera option isnt working and the categories arent loading. The new layout is nice, but it didnt need to be updated.

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