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Dissapointed some of the coupons are not properly deducted during check out even though it's the exact item, quantity,brand and size.

Haven't been able to load or sign in for a few months. When will you be fixing this app? I won't shop at Target without using Cartwheel.

The last two times I have gone to target, i scan my cartwheel but my offers do not come off. I tried contacting customer service but did not get the help I needed or any refund like a good customer service would do. I used to love using cartwheel and shopping at target but now it only stresses me out. There goes my loyal business.

Cartwheel keeps logging me out. It was never a problem until this newest update. For me to be able to log in I have to make sure all other apps are closed or it just shows the blue background with the red cart. This new update is not helpful.

Target check out people keep telling me about the Cartwheel Perks upgrade. phone updated Cartwheel 4 days ago to 2.4 something....and I am in San Diego...and still can't get the 2.5 Cartwheel Perks update. It's not even offered. Guess...I will wait to shop there until I can get it. I have been spending a lot of money there.

What the heck happened to my perks?! The employee said I needed to update my app but I have the newest version! I just spent over $200 and I don't get any points for that now? This needs fixing

What the heck happened to my perks?! The employee said I needed to update my app but I have the newest version! I just spent over $200 and I don't get any points for that now? This needs fixing

I cannot open the app nor will it let me delete it

I am unable to sign in to cartwheel with Facebook. It sends me to the Facebook app, then tells me I've already authorized Facebook. It sends me back to cartwheel to the sign in screen. I can't get past the sign in screen

Redid the app, now apparel is gone.

The deals on apparel were the main reason I ever looked at the app... Guess I wont be checking anymore.

Horrible Upgrade

Yes, it is bad enough to get me to voice an opinion. I just finished my first shopping trip with the upgraded app and it was sluggish and difficult to use.

Really dislike the app after the update!!

Can no longer sort by discount or date of expiration or even see all offers. Makes it really hard to see all the options of what is available. Also makes it hard to prep for a trip. Ill end up just scanning everything in my cart (vs seeing what else is on sale) which isnt good for your business either Target.

Unable to open

Since the app upgraded I havent been able to use it because the app wont open. I hope that whoever is in charge of upgrading this app reads this and fixes this soon. Im ready to delete this app if it is not fixed.

Who the heck moderates these reviews ?

3 of them, including the one that comes up first, have nothing at all to do with the APP or APP performance

Great App

Cartwheel is a great app to use if you frequently shop at Target. Putting everything aside, the only reason this app has bad reviews is because people dont like the transgender policy. Targets new policy has nothing to do with how the app works so stop complaining. Also those who are complaining about the new update, its fixed!!! Apparel is on cartwheel again. All in all its a great app. You can stack discounts with it and I really appreciate that. You get your cartwheel savings, you can use coupons, and save your 5% with the Redcard. Thanks, Target.

New update

Dont like it. Fonts and pictures too small. Navigating less easy.

HATE the new update!!

Oh my

I LOVED the old app. Just now opened this new version and kind of freaked out. Cant figure it out exactly. I think the graphics are not good. It doesnt even look like it would have come from Target. When I was adding new deals, I couldnt tell where I was in my number of deals. Maybe I just missed it, but Im not liking it at all.

Just fine

App is just fine to me. Also so so so happy about the bathroom policy. I would much rather my family and I shop side by side a transgender person then a judgmental hillbilly piece of work.


Just about everything I try, suggests, try this or try this, no savings there! Also stupid stance on restrooms! I I I !

Worst app

The app couldnt find the deal that showed in the actual target store.

Bring back the old Cartwheel

I loved this app before the new version now I never use it any more! Used to be a great way to save! Now I just use the Red card.

Not updating

No used if the app not updating in a week. I cant use it while shopping! Its slow updating weekly to fix bugs

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